Embryonic Stem Cells – Basic Biology to Bioengineering


Embryonic Stem Cells – Basic Biology to Bioengineering

embryonic stem cell
Edited by: Michael S. Kallos
ISBN 978-953-307-278-4, Hard cover, 478 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: September 2011
Subject: Stem Cells

Embryonic stem cells are one of the key building blocks of the emerging multidisciplinary field of regenerative medicine, and discoveries and new technology related to embryonic stem cells are being made at an ever increasing rate. This book provides a snapshot of some of the research occurring across a wide range of areas related to embryonic stem cells, including new methods, tools and technologies; new understandings about the molecular biology and pluripotency of these cells; as well as new uses for and sources of embryonic stem cells. The book will serve as a valuable resource for engineers, scientists, and clinicians as well as students in a wide range of disciplines.

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