Biological therapy: a new age of cancer treatment


Biological therapy: a new age of cancer treatment

Ngoc Kim Phan


Cancer is an important reason causing death in almost countries. So cancer studies become as interesting research field. Many research groups approached cancer treatment with some different strategies. To date, there are four main strategies used in preclinical and clinical treatment included surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biological therapy. In some indications, doctors combined them to make combinatorial therapies. In recent years, biological therapies become a promising therapy, especially in invasive cancer. Biological agents formed the targeting therapies that in principle only cancer cells effected by drugs. Biological therapies as monoclonal antibodies, immune cells based immunotherapies showed that the treatment efficiency in some cancers, in recent years. Biomedical Research and Therapy is developed basing on the progress in research and application of biology, biotechnology in disease treatment that included cancer. So that, in this year, Biomedical Research and Therapy will have a special issue with the theme “Biological therapy for cancer treatment”. We will invite some of the leaders in this field to critically review this issue. We expect that this issue will be of great interest for developing the novel approaches and innovations for cancer treatment.


Biological Research; Biological Therapy; Medicine; Biomedical

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